Nick Menn

He's all business when it comes to his music but he has a lot of fun with it too. His music will make you smile and it will make you think. Nick Menn is not just another rap artist. He is a creative, gifted and intelligent crafter of words and a beat to go with them. Listen to what Nick Menn has for you and you will be able visualize what he is presenting. He has found the secret to making pictures with words.

He tells about life on the streets but goes well beyond this theme. His insight into life's pleasures and problems and everything in between is something you will relate to. This is a young man whose approach to his music reflects his outlook on so very many topics. Relationships, feelings, thoughts, ideas, plans, memories, concerns, apprehensions – it's all there to provoke you, excite you, entertain you and some of it might even confuse you. Confuse you not because of its complexity but confuse you because we all face situations when we don't know where to turn, what to do, even what to think. You're not alone in Nick's world.

Nick Menn is not far beyond voting age but he has devoted over half of his life not just to making music but to putting it out there where his contemporaries and other people can enjoy it. He grew up surrounded by classic rock then progressed to where rap music started gaining a hold on him but putting labels on what he does is not a high priority for Whiteout. He is what he is, call what he has for you whatever you want.

Nick Menn, the son of Frank and Kristy Menn of Fairview Heights, Illinois which is just 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis across the Mississippi River. He was born on December 11, 1988 and has a brother named Matt. A graduate of Grant Middle School and Belleville East High School, Nick Menn is one for whom it may be said that music is his passion but anyone feeling this way will soon realize characterizing him that way is a major understatement.


"RT-FaQ" is a modern musical artifact bound to be discovered by today's contemporary music archaeologists.

Ramel "RT-FaQ" Prince was born into adversity in East St. Louis during the late 80's. At 2 months old, both parents were incarcerated and at 2 years old young he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street – breaking his leg.

The family moved to Minneapolis after his mother returned from prison which would be the first of several moves and would lead RT-FaQ to discover his love of music via drum lessons and an old VHS tape of a Michael Jackson concert. In High School, basketball became the priority for Ramel and music took a backseat. After graduating he moved back to East St. Louis and attended community college for a short stint before heading on to New Orleans where Bourbon Street reignited Ramel's passion for music. Recording on a small notebook computer with a closet-studio, he found himself quickly drawing the adoration of local supporters.

RT-FaQ would eventually return to East St. Louis where he would continue to refine his craft. Growing into performing shows 3-4 times per week he quickly built relationships with other artists, including his Doorway associate – Nick Menn. The two recorded their first single On & On which was just the beginning of several collaborations and a musical enedeavor that continues to go On & On...

SD The Dizzleman

Charles Crape, better known as "S.D. The Dizzleman" is the collective's most interesting man. He doesn't always rap in a crew but, when he does... it's Doorway. While The Dizzleman certainly has street ties, his raps are not the typical street raps you'd expect. S.D. is versatile with his words and delivery and in-between serious glances, you'll often catch him cracking jokes and wildin out on stage. Aside from that, we're all still wondering exactly what The Dizzleman's true story actually is... which only adds to his allure.


L-Gifted didn't choose to rhyme, rhyming chose him. The middle child of a working class family from just outside East St. Louis, it would be easily understood if Gifted succumbed to the struggle of life. From an early age he learned to defend himself. A quiet kid whose temper was on a hair-pin trigger, he has grown into a mature and humble artist.

L-Gifted is a young man with the heart and soul of an old man. The day-to-day hardships of 9-5 life, trying to support a young daughter, balance family life & music has definitely taken it's toll and is clearly evident in the tone and subject matter of his music.

L-Gifted has taken his lumps & bruises and paid his dues in music as well as life. 30 stitches in his face before the age of 22 are the physical manifestation of those dues. With the knowledge of an elder, he knows dues are never fully paid and he will surely get knocked down again. However, Gifted will always muster the strength to overcome adversity and invites his listeners to follow suit.

Despite the harsh realities of L-Gifted's life his music sends a positive message to the listener. The voice of an underdog who isn't known for barking but, whose bite can be quite vicious... Gifted inspires others to take the stresses of their lives and use it as fuel to Subtract Negativity.



Daniel "Monkh" Horrell has been playing in bands in and around the St. Louis area since he was thirteen years old. At 25 and now as a solo artist he has a whole new script to bring to the table. Always known as the young shredding guitar player, Monkh has a more modest and bluesy approach to his playing these days but still holds the same title and only hopes to add to it with future releases.

Heir Jordin